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For David.

We All Fall Down Sometimes

Abigail Lancaster, a fairly sarcastic sixteen-year-old YouTuber, Semi-Professional Guitarist, Hobbyist Vocalist, and Super-Duper Professional Name-Giver to Random Things, is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after being hospitalized. But what caused it to develop is what people really care about. Religion, upbringings, and social standards conflict with what Abby feels for another person, society judges her almost continuously, and finally, saying just two words was enough to change her life forever.

Teen Fiction/Young Adult

Excerpt #1:
“We all fall down sometimes,” Jordan said, twiddling his thumbs. I looked at them before I asked him what he meant. I heard something like a laugh come from him, and I could hear him smile.

“We all fall down sometimes,” he repeated, his eyes focusing on the wet streets. I moved my eyes from his hands to his face. His smile had faded and had been replaced with a soft frown. Water dripped down from his face.

“Sometimes we can pick it up ourselves and continue our lives,” he continued. “Sometimes we need help. And sometimes, we just can’t.”

“What happens when we can’t?”

“I like to think we go to a better place.”


“You know I don’t believe in that religious stuff, Abbs.”

“Something similar?”

“I guess.”
And thus...this li'l thingamajig. 

Basically what I've been working on since March 27th or 28th or so. Started with a Camp NaNo project, turned out to be so much more for me.

Still working on this, albeit very, very slowly. I'm having quite a lot of trouble figuring out which plot elements I've come up so far I want to use, and which I don't. Help's always appreciated. :P

- Alex

If I see this anywhere outside of my other account (WritingRoses), my Wattpad (@ xela1234), or the Young Writers Society, I swear to God that I will find you. And that I you.

© 2014 xela1234
vera-san Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Ooh! It sounds like a very touching story so far.
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July 7, 2014


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