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February 4, 2012
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When the Sun meets the Moon...

Chapter 15:

Told in Josh's POV:

I stared at the flute in the greatly decorated box.

"The Azure Flute..." Alice gasped. Solé's head peaked over the edge of the small table, trying to look in the box.

"It's just a flute..." I told her, somewhat pushing her head  back down.  
I didn't even bother to talk in Pokémon. The way the Kimono Girls were being serious about a simple flute... Solé protested when I kept her down, but gave in.

"It's not just a flute!" Alice exclaimed, "With this flute you can call Arceus!" She said a little bit too loud. Nick straightened his body a bit, interested. All the time he had looked a little uninterested, and then he just got interested…? No way that he wanted to…

'Yeah, like someone like Nick could control the world? Why would he even want to, right?' I thought.

"Exactly," Kuni said, "With the help of this flute, you will be able to summon Arceus."

"But…why…?" I stuttered, unsure of myself. I had no reason to have a legendary item in my hands right then. Not…then. "Why me? Why not…Alice." I looked at her. "I think that Alice could make a way better use of the Azure Flute than that I can."

"Yeah, no thanks," Alice said, "Kuni gave it to you, Josh. You better keep it close." She smiled warmly. My cheeks became rosy for some strange reason.

"Josh, the so-called mister Pokémon found this rare flute. He wouldn't tell us how or where, however, and insisted to hand it over to a boy who has the ability to talk to Pokémon," Zuki explained, "We kept close eyes on the gates of our city, and when we saw you, we immediately knew you were the boy mister Pokémon talked about."

"But why do I have to keep it?" I exclaimed while standing up, almost knocking over the cup of tea. "I mean, what's the purpose? Why would someone like me hold an item that can…practically control the world?"

"It also isn't that you directly have control of the world-"

"But what if I would say: 'Hey Arceus, do me a favor and destroy…say Kanto', then he'd do that, right?" I interrupted the girl. I paced the room, trying not to look at the flute too much.

"It isn't so that Arceus will directly listen to you, as if he were your Pokémon," Sayo said,  "The Pokémon still has a sense of justice, you know?"


"What? Are you worried that you're not the one who should hold it?" Alice asked. I stopped walking.

"So all you really are is worried that you might not be the best holder for it…?" Kuni quietly said. I nodded.

"I'm fifteen. I'm a teenager. How…" I didn't bother to finish my sentence. I walked back to the small table and picked up the flute from the table. It looked real similar to an ocarina, which I had played years ago…
I put the flute to my mouth and started playing it. I played one real old song, yet one that everyone knew from the movies that were made. Lugia's Song. I once had the sheet music for it, and practically memorized it until now. The sound the flute produced was different from the ocarina I had at home, yet it sounded somewhat familiar. I ended the song early.

"How do you know the notes for the song?" Zuki asked.

"Internet." I said simply. Nick grinned. "Well, it's true!"

"You're serious, Josh? Internet?" He grinned again, to my annoyance.

"I got them from the official site of the movie Shamouti… Didn't you see it?" I asked. Only Nick nodded.

"Kind of boring to me…"

"No! It's amazing! Can't believe that they actually could make a Pokémon look so realistic in a movie without even recording it! And the soundtracks…!" Everyone stared at me.

"…I loved it," I said, "I'd really love to see a Lugia in real life someday…but that chance is practically zero anyways."

"Never say never." Nick said, whipping his hair to one side. "You never know, maybe you'll see one someday. They can fly, right? Maybe it'll fly over your head or something." He added a mysterious laugh to it.

"Josh." Alice suddenly said. "Can I see you for a sec."

"Now?" She glared at me. And I know that glare. Whenever she gives me that kind of glare, I just know that it's serious.

"Sure. Um…Is there a place…" I turned to Kuni.

"Right behind that door." She pointed to a door you had to shove aside to open it, like many you find in Ecruteak's Dance Theatre.

"Thanks." Alice quickly grabbed my arm and dragged me along. She shoved the door open and closed it that fast that I wondered if we were being chased by Gastly or Haunter.

"Whatever you do, Josh," She said in a whispering tone, looking straight into my eyes, "do not give that flute to Nick." She looked at the Azure Flute, still in my hands. My eyes widened.

"W-Why would I even-"

"Listen, I know my stepbrother-"

"Stepbrother?" I interrupted her. Alice sighed and looked away.

"Nick and I are family. Long story, and I…I detest the fact I'm related to him. I really, really dislike him..."

"That would explain why you guys don't talk a lot…" I concluded. Alice mumbled something that sounded closely related to 'Wow, really, smartass?'


"Nothing." She said. "And I know him. He had a…a certain phase that he loved Team Rocket. He was a kid back then, but still… There aren't any signs that he continued to become part of them or something-"

"You're suggesting Nick is part of Team Rocket?"


"But why would he even be-"

"I don't know either!" She shrieked, looking to the door after she said that. She probably thought someone might've heard that. "But if he's still part of Team Rocket," she continued in a more quiet voice, "he'll go and haunt you for that flute. That's why you need to keep it. If it'd be in my hands, I also could go and give it to Giovanni for that."

"Wasn't that the…old-"

"Does it really matter if he is the old leader?! That doesn't mean he gave up his evil plans, right?" I grunted, tired of being interrupted all the time.

"Listen. Everyone looks up to someone as a kid," I said, "And Nick looked up to Team Rocket for a while. That doesn't mean that he immediately really is bad, right?"

"Go talk to your Pokémon, Josh," Alice grunted, "a serious conversation, for once. Honestly..." She opened the door, but stopped. "Be a good Trainer, just for once. Talk a little more to them." She said, and shut the door with a loud thud.



I munched on my sandwich with peanut butter on it. I didn't really have an appetite, but I had to eat something. Solé and Luno were happily snuggling around a bush with Cheri Berries. My Umbreon took one from the bush and gave it to Solé, without saying a word. She blushed and broke the berry into two pieces, giving one half to Luno. He smiled and happily ate it up. Solé seemed to enjoy it a little less, but still seemingly liked it. I smiled slightly.

"Solé?" I said. My Pokémon looked up, her mouth half filled with the berry. "Could you come here?" She stood up and ran over to me, happy to be called.

'Probably thinks we're going to train…' I thought as I petted her.

"Solé, I need to ask you something." I said, pulling her a bit closer. Solé cradled on my lap as if she were a cat, and looked up to me.

What's wrong? She asked telepathically. One thing that made me feel more comfortable; I didn't have to ask her to speak through our minds.

Do you think something's wrong with Nick? I asked. Solé gave me such an expression, that I regretted I started about it anyway. Her ears lowered. She got off my lap and sat down again, about three feet from me.

Alice…She told you when she wanted to speak to you privately, didn't she? Back with the nice lady's who gave you the tea…right…? She asked quietly. I made an attempt to pull her back, but she wouldn't budge. I gave up.

Kind of. I said, pulling my knees towards my chest and held them together with my arms.

I…I had a vision...but as a dream... She suddenly said. I could see that she wanted to go to me, but she held back. Nick was standing close to a waterfall in an open place, together with a giant Pokémon. He gave him a flute. I... I remembered it, which also is why I wanted to see the flute. It's the same…

You mean that the flute I have now...
I grabbed the Azure Flute from my backpack and showed it to her. That this flute was given by Ar- I stopped. By the Pokémon, I decided, to Nick? Solé nodded.

They really look alike, but I'm not sure if it's the same as I saw in my dream. She turned around, facing me. Josh, what if they are the same…? Her voice shook a bit. What, who was that Pokémon even?
I bit my tongue inside my mouth, debating. Telling her would be fair, since she told me about her dream. But I didn't want her to be even more worried… She already was timid about this all, what would she be like as soon as I told her that I thought the Pokémon, indeed, could be Arceus…?

I don't know. I said, feeling guilty that I didn't tell Solé what my real suspicions were. I really have no idea.

Not even a clue? She asked.


Solé walked over to me and rubbed her body against mine. I lied my arm around her.

"I'm worried. What if Nick actually belongs to Team Rocket or something?" She said quietly. I had gotten used to the fact Solé talked to me through telepathy that I didn't notice she started talking out loud. "Then he could tell any Pokémon what to do, right...?"

Her question startled me. If he was part of Team Rocket, I had to stop him with whatever he was planning. Whatever it took.
'Don't think so…' I thought. Solé didn't hear it though, and poked me gently.


"Why don't you answer? Don't you know if he belongs to Team Rocket either?"

"If who belongs to Team Rocket?"

I looked next to me. Luno was about two feet away from me, his head tilted to the left.

"Nick." Solé said before I could say anything else.

"…This all is about your dream, right?" He asked. Solé nodded slowly.

"You told Luno too?" I asked.

"…I'm sorry, Josh," Solé apologized loudly, standing up, "I know I should've told you before I told him, but I…I…" She turned her back on me. I could hear one sniff.

"…Solé…" I said. "It isn't a crime if you don't tell your Trainer first about a problem, you know?" Guess that it all was because of Blaine... He taught her that her Trainer is her master. I don't think she had anything or anyone else either back then.

"That's what I'm for." Luno added jokingly. Solé smiled.

"Then why do I feel like I should've…?"

"Because we're a pack," I said, grabbing both my Pokémon to my sides. "And I guess that the leader of this pack is me." I hugged them tightly.

"And I'll protect all of you, no matter what."
Edit! Guys, you are just KIDDING me. o.o 14 hours later, it's seven faves away from a hundred faves, over 600 views and eight downloads?! You're amazing, I love you all. ;o;/Edit.
Edit #2!
I forgot to add. The movie's name, Shamouti, came from the Second Pokémon movie, the Power of One, which features Lugia. It's uninhabited, and it's surrounded by the Lightning, Ice and Fire Island. They're connected to the balance of nature via the Legendary Birds (Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos) with Lugia as their leader (as stated by Bulbapedia: [link] )/Edit #2.


...No! It can't be! O_O

Yus. Finally. FINALLY. I got the inspiration. x.x I'm sorry for the long wait, since the biggest part of my watchers was waiting for this one. I got several notes/comments with requests for the chap. And it's FINALLY here.

Okay, so I haven't written anything like fan fiction for over two months, and I find that I improved a lot on my writing. c: And I realized that this chapter is written in Josh's POV...completely. Might change it later sometime...or I'll just continue writing whole chapters in only one person's view. I dunno yet.

Again, my apologies, and thanks for waiting reading! :D

Chapter 14: [link]
Chapter 16: [link]

Preview Picture by ~chaoslavawolf! Thanks for letting me use it! ^^

Luno, Solé, Josh, Alice, Nick and Blaine (C) Me, ~xela1234
Umbreon, Espeon, Team Rocket and the Kimono Girls (C) Nintendo, Gamefreak, whatever...

Do NOT copy, claim and/or modify in ANY way.
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