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February 5, 2012
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When the Sun meets the Moon...

Chapter 16:

Told in Solé's POV:

I still was worried about things. I mean, the fact that Nick was interested in the Azure Flute bothered me, and then combined with my vision…

…Okay, it was a dream, but somehow, I get the feeling that it wasn't just a dream. I had the close feeling that it would be happening. Of course, I didn't know for sure, but who does, right?

The following hours - days, even - I was extremely cautious around Nick. We stayed in Ecruteak for a while, just to stop and look at the nice city. Josh and Alice kept a close eye on me, and Luno was by my side all the time. He didn't ask too often about my vision, and acted real sweet. He really was my ray of sunlight then, always there for me. Glacia was hanging around with me more often. The young girl didn't exactly knew what was happening, but she just was around and always up for a play-battle.

Blaze, however, was acting weird. He hung around me a lot more than I really wanted to. Sometimes he just sneaked up  from behind and would whisper something in my ear. I think he meant it real sweet, but it would give me the creeps. Luno… He noticed that, and asked me what was wrong sometimes. I'd tell him that it was the Nick thing that was going on, and he'd stop asking about it. But I knew that he thought it was something else…

"How are you doing, Solé…?" Blaze whispered in my ear. We had fallen behind on Route 38, after a few battles. I was tired, yet refused to go in my Poké Ball, which Josh had suggested.

"I could carry you if you'd like."

"No thanks, I'm fine," I said, walking a bit faster. The Flareon ran ahead of me and stopped me by standing in front of me.

"You sure, I'd do it with the greatest pleasure…" He came closer. I started to feel uncomfortable.

"N-No…! Just leave me alone!" I said, making attempts to run away. I could feel how my voice shook while saying it. Blaze wouldn't let me through. He chuckled.


"Solé, you don't have to be afraid of me…" Blaze said quietly. He came closer and rubbed his head on mine. I shuddered.

"I won't hurt you-"

"Just leave me alone, Blaze," I whispered, lifting my head up, "I'll be fine."

"Something's bothering you, Solé," Blaze said, turning his head towards me, "I can tell. My sense of the female creature informs me you're troubled…"

'He just tried to charm me…?'

"None of your business." I said loudly, taking a step back.

"Why not? I'm only trying to help, you know?"

"I don't need your help."

"Yes you do…" Blaze said quietly, again approaching me.


Luno stood about five feet away from us. He stared at Blaze, so close by me, too close.

"…What's this?"

"Luno, I-"

"She loves me, Luno," Blaze lied, "She loves me more than that she loves you." Luno's eyes opened wide.

"T-That's not true!!" I exclaimed. How…how dare he?! There was just no way that I loved that creep!

"Luno, I'd never…Luno…!"

"…Get out, Blaze," Luno said calmly, "Go find your own mate if you're feeling that lonely, instead of trying to take mine."

"Blaze!!" Nick whistled at his Pokémon. "Over here, leave the two lovebirds alone!" I held my breath. Blaze grunted, and took a step forward.

"Wait for me…" He whispered. Luno glared at him.


"I'm coming…!" Blaze smiled as he walked past my mate. He growled angrily, following Blaze closely with his eyes. As soon as he was at least ten feet away, he looked back to me. My ears lowered as I approached him.

"Luno, I'd never...ever...ever-"

"Did he assault you, Solé?" Luno cut me off worriedly. "Did he charm you?"

"N-No, I-"

"No to the assault, or no to the charming?"

"H-He…Blaze assaulted me, b-but he didn't charm me o-or something alike," I stuttered, "No chance that I'd…that I'd leave you…" My lip trembled. Luno's expression softened and stood beside me. He lovingly brushed his body against mine. I closed my eyes.

"Remember, I'll be here for you," He said softly, "I saw you felt uncomfortable, and approached you guys. I was…eavesdropping," He admitted, "…Did you like what he did?"

"No!" I exclaimed, "N-No, not at all!"

I was shocked. Shocked that he thought I enjoyed what he did to me. How could he even think that…?

"Okay, I just wanted to know… You know, make sure." He smiled. I nodded.

"We're far behind, let's catch up with the rest." I said. Luno nodded.



"…Please don't tell Josh…"


Told in Luno's POV:

"What do you mean, 'Blaze assaulted Solé'?!" Josh exclaimed. I cautiously looked around to see if anyone heard that. Solé was taking a nap, Alice didn't look up from her book, and Nick was off to train his Pokémon. We were on Route 39 and on our way to Olivine City, only to be taking a break around MooMoo Farm.

"Just the way I say it." I said a lot softer. "Blaze was troubling Solé, and she told me it was assault."

I felt guilty telling Josh about all this. She specifically told me not to tell him, but how could I not? Atop of the Nick thing, she had to deal with this too… It was the good thing…right?

"What happened then?"

I sighed.

"Solé was a little behind because of all the battles, right? She refused to go into her Poké Ball, and got more and more behind all the time," I said, "I noticed how Blaze wasn't walking along with Nick anymore and got my suspicions. So I stopped and walked back to Solé."

"And did he like…do something to her?" Josh asked concerned, looking at Solé. She still was asleep, curled up with her forked tail beside her.

"No, but he was bothering her," I continued, "He was circling around her, intimidating her, and kept whispering to her. He tried to…charm her. Solé seemed out of things to say, so I popped in. And then the Flareon tells me that she doesn't love me!" I turned around, to Solé. She stretched her body and turned around, still sleeping.

"Come on, Luno. Don't tell me you believe that!" Josh said, "I thought you'd know better than-"

"I do know better!" I said, "I'm not doubting her either, I just… I felt like you needed to know."

"Does Solé know you told me this?" He asked.

"…No, she doesn't," I said quietly, "and she also told me that I shouldn't tell you, but…"

"I'm glad you told me, Luno," Josh said kindly, digging in his backpack, "I'm really glad you told me." He finally found what he was looking for; his lunchbox. I tilted my head to the left, but when he pulled a Figy Berry from the box and gave it to me.

"I'll be telling both Nick and Solé about this, if you don't mind." After hesitating I nodded. They'd have to know eventually…

"…Thanks, Josh." I said. Josh only smiled.

Told in Nick's POV:

Josh doesn't even have any idea of what I'm planning. I'm sure Alice has her suspicions, but how can she prove it? I mean, who wouldn't look up if they saw the Azure Flute? Anyone, right? Or am I turning crazy now? Don't think so.

Blaze did a good job. Luno might've caught him, but as soon as I get that Espeon…
Heh, she doesn't even think what value she has. She's an Espeon! She can predict  the future! And of course, it'll only be a prediction, but still… It'd be a great advantage for Team Rocket to have.

Stupid Blaine, to release an Espeon… Glad that Giovanni lowered his rank back then. He definitely deserved it.

Eeveelutions, let alone Eevees, are rare for a Team Rocket member to have. As soon as Team Rocket gets the chance, she steals one. Most of them, however, get killed because they don't obey us at all. The cause mostly is that they are too loyal to their Trainers.
Yes… As soon as Blaze drives Solé in a corner, then it'll all work out. Solé will be mine, and the poor kid wants his Espeon back. I'm sure he'll do anything to get her back… Anything…

"You're saying that my Flareon assaulted Solé?" I acted shocked. Of course I knew that Blaze assaulted her! I told him to do so!

"Well, yeah," Josh scratched the back of his head nervously, "That's what I heard from Luno…"

"And how does Luno know all of this then?" I asked. The answer was plain obvious, though.

"He spotted them."

I slowly nodded, 'understanding' the situation.

"What was his reaction?"

Josh looked at me funny for a moment.

'Damn, stupid question…' I thought, slapping my inner self.

"Well, he was shocked, of course," He said, "He came to tell me eventually, even though Solé told him not to-"

"What?" Alice asked. She had caught up with us after a somewhat stupid attempt to try and understand Pokémon speech.

Yeah, definitely my stepsis.

"Well, Luno came to me, saying that Blaze assaulted Solé, and-"

"What?!" She exclaimed before Josh could finish his sentence. He grunted.

'Yeah, sure, bro. Go and tell the whole world my Pokémon approached yours!' I thought angrily. Parts of this plan weren't perfect, but I also could've known that Alice would become part of it.

"You, why didn't-" Alice stopped her sentence. I think that she had her own suspicions, but that she didn't want to say them out loud, or even in front of me.

"How could I be the source of this?!" I exclaimed innocently. "I can't really help that my Flareon likes Solé, can I?"

"But you could try and get him to stay off her, can't you…?" Alice growled.

"Guys…" Josh said.

"Yeah, like I could be battling my Flareon. You know better than anyone how stubborn he is. He won't be stopping-" I interrupted him, continuing my argument with Alice. She never really won any of them, but never gave up.

"But you're his Trainer, you should make him listen to you!" She said at her turn.

"Guys." Josh still tried to interrupt.

"What if he doesn't want to? What should I do then? Release him? I love him too much for that!"

"Well, if you release him, he wouldn't be bothering Solé anymore!" Alice said.

"What about all the other Pokémon in Johto?"

"Then teach him some manners!"

"Guys!" Alice fell silent, and so did I. It wasn't really that I won it, but it still felt like it for some reason.

"Listen up," the fifteen year old said. I somewhat felt like I was his son or something. I was two years older! He couldn't rule me!

'Don't feel offended, just play along…' I thought to myself.

"Nick, if you just take care that Blaze won't be…much of a trouble," he decided, "to Solé, I'd be grateful for that. And Alice, sorry to say, but Blaze isn't your Pokémon, nor is Nick." He looked down. "You don't have to control him."

Alice seemed offended, but quickly made room for that, by saying, "Fine. Just fine,"  and walking away.

"…Sorry for the troubles, Josh." I apologized. "I'll make sure it won't be happening again."

"Thanks dude."

I smiled and too walked away. Josh still had no clue of what would be happening…
Because a few have been asking about this, I guess I should post it here anyways.

When the Sun meets the Moon (WSMM) has been paused for a while now, and will remain paused until I finish my Pokémon Ranger fanfiction, On Our Own (OOO). I know how I want to make both fanfictions end, and I currently have more inspiration for OOO than for WSMM.
I also said that there may be a chapter of WSMM every now and then. So far, it didn't happen. You shouldn't count for it either.

My apologies if you've been waiting for a long time. :c In the mean time, you might want to check On Our Own out.


...I actually managed to finish another chapter. xD I'm amazed! XDD

Okay, so the plot is still thickening. x3 And I've got a headache, it's 9:45 PM and I should go to bed sooner or later.

Hope you enjoy it! :la:

also, Team Rocket is referred as a 'she', because most companies (and ships) are referred as a she. Why not an evil group? :shrug:

Chapter 15: [link]
Chapter 17: Coming soon... :iconespeon-plz::heart::iconumbreonplz:

Preview Picture by ~chaoslavawolf! Thanks for letting me use it! ^^

Luno, Solé, Josh, Alice, Nick and Blaze (C) Me, ~xela1234
Umbreon, Espeon, Team Rocket and Giovanni (C) Nintendo, Gamefreak, whatever...

Do NOT copy, claim and/or modify in ANY way.
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