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July 27, 2011
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When the Sun meets the Moon

Chapter 8:

Told in Josh's POV:

I woke up early, around 7 AM. I didn't know why first, but then I realized I was a Pokemon Trainer. Ethan was up already but Solé and Luno still slept, so I decided to go downstairs and eat breakfast.

"Hey!! You're up already?" Ethan said when I walked into the kitchen.

"I always get up around seven." I replied.

"Awesome." That's the fun thing about Ethan: he wouldn't be as difficult as people I've met.

"'re gonna go back to the Pokemon League today?" I asked. I had no idea how a Pokemon League Champion spent his time...

"I don't think so. I still got my private life and holidays, you know?" He winked.


"Wouldn't you want to have holidays when Trainers knock on your door to battle the Johto League Champion?" I didn't even realize that. League Champions like Ethan wouldn't have a second without Trainers calling or finding them to challenge them...

"Well...I guess I'd like some holidays then, but why would you spent them here when people know your hou-" Someone knocked on the door. I frowned as Ethan opened it. A Trainer, an Ace Trainer, to be precise, stood in front of Ethan.

"Hello. My name is Drake." He said. "I hope I'm not disturbing you with something..." Drake took a little glance into the house, noticing me. "Oh, hello." I waved towards the boy. "Anyway, I'd like to challenge you to a six to six Pokemon battle." Ethan smiled.

"It's early. Most Pokemon Trainers I've seen come or way to early, or they come around eleven when I'm already gone...but you're different..." Drake was silent. "You came in time, not to early, not to late... And your Pokemon really trusts you..." Ethan glanced behind Drake's back. A Vaporeon stood behind his Trainer. I walked to Ethan and Drake. "Josh, do you want to be the referee for our match?" I blinked once and said.

"Um...Sure." My stomach roared a little. "...but do you mind if I'd make a sandwich first, though?"


"This match is between Champion Ethan and Challenger Drake!" I announced at seven-thirty in the morning. The battle was located at the Lake of Rage, where Ethan flew me to after I woke up a rather grumpy Luno and an immediately awake Solé. "Both players are allowed to switch their six Pokemon. The Trainer who defeats all six Pokemon of the opposite team is the winner! Let the battle begin!"

"Typhlosion!" Ethan threw his Poké Ball into the air. Typhlosion roared as the flames spit out on his back.

"Vaporeon!" Drake sent out his Vaporeon. "Use Surf!" There was no way for Typhlosion to escape from the wave that swamped the battlefield.

"Typhlosion, use Blast Burn!" Vaporeon got hit with a lot of damage, even in type advantage.

"Vaporeon, switch out!!"

"Typhlosion, return." Blast Burn does a lot of damage but also makes the user recharge the next turn, so I understood why Ethan switched his Pokemon.

"Poliwrath, your turn!" Ethan sent out his second Pokemon. It roughly let out a cry.

"Victreebel!" Poliwrath started with a Circle Throw, tossing the Victreebel over the battlefield...


"I-I lost..."

"You did great." Ethan said. Drake had lost the battle. Ethan beat him switching back and forth between his Poliwrath, Typhlosion and Pidgeot. "Your battle technique is great. You need to train your Pokemon a little more and make sure to battle other Trainers to get better." Drake looked up and smiled.

"Okay." He said. "Thanks for the battle." Ethan smiled. Drake walked away, his hands in his pockets.

"An Ace Trainer..." Ethan mumbled. "He's a great kid..." I walked over to him.

"Drake is good." I said. "When you two battled I could sense you both enjoyed it." Ethan turned around.

"You got that right." He said. "And it seems Luno is itching to go back home so you three can start your journey." I looked around. Luno was jumping and running around Solé, who silently looked at him.

"We're going." I said. Luno immediately looked up.

"Finally!!" He cheered.

"Solé, you ready?" She nodded and calmly walked over to me.

"We're ready." I said. Ethan laughed.


"So...I think I'll go then..." I said. I already had packed my red backpack and had Solé and Luno's Poké Balls in my pocket. Lyra and Ethan stood next to me.

"Okay..." Lyra said. "Good luck, and remember to have fun." I smiled.

"I'll give you a call once in a while."

"Don't forget to pick up your Trainer Card!!" Ethan said while I started walking towards Route 29. I turned back around.

"Ethan, you just sound like my mother!!" He laughed. I waved once more, both Solé and Luno by my side. We walked fo about five minutes silently, when Luno suddenly said:

"I wanna battle."

"We'll battle when we see Pokemon or a Trainer."

"I wanna battle." Luno said once more.

"Luno, as soon as we spot a Trainer we'll battle." I said again.

"I wanna battle too..." Solé's said softly. "Not to hard, of course, but..." I smiled.

"I wanna do the tough ones!!" Luno exclaimed. "I'll take 'em on!"

"Wait a sec..." I said while I stopped to grab my backpack. "I don't know all of your moves yet..." I grabbed my PokéDex and opened it in front of Luno.

"Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon, and an evolved form of Eevee." The PokéDex's monotone voice said. "When darkness falls, the rings on Umbreon's body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby." That's a nice thought... I thought. "Umbreon's known moves are Assurance, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack and Confuse Ray."

"High leveled, buddy!" I said. Luno smiled. Next I pointed the PokéDex towards Solé. "Espeon, the Sun Pokemon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Espeon are able to read air currents allowing it to predict the future as well as it's opponents' next moves. Espeon's known moves are Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Confusion and Tackle." I smiled to Solé. You're a great Pokemon... I thought. I'll take good care of you and Luno, I promise. Solé smiled. "Thank you..." She whispered.

Told in Solé's POV:

"I. Wanna. Battle." Luno said while running off.

"Luno, take it easy." I said quietly. Luno stopped running and waited for Josh and I to catch up. "We'll battle when we see someone." I could almost feel Luno's blush.


"But?" I said.

"But I spy a Trainer!" Josh said.

"Where?!" Luno ran around in circles of excitement.

"On Route Two, which is coming when we pass Cherrygrove City." Josh said calmly. I giggled when seeing Luno's disappointed face. We walked on a little. I heard Luno blabbing all about the Pokemon he could meet in Trainer Battles.

"Maybe even Pokemon from Unova!! Who knows where a Trainer comes from?!"

"Luno, you're so energetic..." I said. "It's cute." He blushed once more. I felt something blow through my fur.

"What was that?" I asked.


"A...A Pokemon...I think..." I said, unsure of what it was. A little Rattata jumped out of the grass.

"A Rattata!" Luno exclaimed.

"Finally a Pokemon I can battle!!" Luno was close to storming over to the little Pokemon, but Josh didn't let him.

"I think Solé should take this one..." He said calmly. I stopped walking.

"W-What?" I stuttered.

"I think you can take on this Rattata, Solé." Josh said calmly.

"A-Are you sure...?" I asked a little nervous. I still didn't like the feeling of battling already...

"You can do this." So I took a deep breath and slowly walked over to the Pokemon, eagerly waiting for me to battle it.

"Okay Solé! Use Confusion!" I sent out the little force, hitting and confusing the Rattata. The poor thing was confused and didn't do anything. "Now use Quick Attack!" I ran at the highest speed over to the Rattata and stroke it down. I fell down, almost knocked out. "And finish it with a Tackle." I charged and slammed into the Pokemon, completely knocked out now. I stared at the Rattata for a while, and then cheered.

"I did it! I defeated it!!" Josh smiled.

"You did it!" He exclaimed. I ran over to him and hugged him. "You were great!" Luno smiled.

"Awesome, Solé!" He said. I hugged him.

"Thanks!" He hugged me back. Still cheering and feeling great, we walked on. "I hardly even felt pain in my back!" I said happily.

"That's good. It means your back is healing and that you can take on Pokemon of a higher level." Josh said. "I'm so proud of you!" I smiled.

"Wait..." I sniffed a little. "Flowers..." I said, smiling. "We're there, aren't we?" Luno smiled.

"We are."


"So...can we go to Route Two now??" Luno jumped up. We just recovered at the Pokemon Center, well...I recovered at the Pokemon Center. And Josh picked up and signed his Trainer Card, making Luno and I his official first Pokemon.

"You've been waiting a long time, I know," Josh said. "But I want to go and look around Cherrygrove a little longer, if you don't mind." I walked beside Luno and Josh out of the Pokemon Center. "I just want to visit the Poké Mart, and then we'll go." I nodded. "You two want to come along, or will you wait outside?"

"I'll stay here, if you don't mind..." I said. Luno quickly nodded.

"Okay. See you!" Josh walked into the Mart. I looked a little to the ground and didn't say a thing to Luno, until he did.

"You were great." He quietly said.

"Thanks..." I said back.

"No, really. You were great." I looked to him.

"Thanks." I smiled. Then I looked back to the ground. So did Luno. I wasn't quite sure, but I think his paw did move a little over to mine... I moved mine closer to his as well.

"Solé...?" Luno whispered.


"I...I think I like you..."
EDIT! 100th Deviation!! :D I started with WSMM as my 50th deviation, I just figured it'd be cool to have it as my 100th one too! ^^

I am such a bad bad BAD girl... D: I've procrastinated WAY too long on this one... I even drew stuff to not have to write this, so tomorrow/today I'll be uploading a whole shit load of drawings... _ __"

Anyway, Chapter 8! And I'm glad to say it aint a filler~ :D

Luno likes Solé, does Solé like Luno? :3 KEEP READING TO FIND OUT! Lol. xD

Hope you like it, and plz enjoy~ :meow:

Start at Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]

Preview Picture by *chaoslavawolf! Thanks for letting me use it! ^^

Luno, Solé, Josh (C) Me, *xela1234
Umbreon, Espeon, Ethan, Lyra, Typhlosion, Rattata, Poliwrath, Vaporeon, Victreebel, Pidgeot, Cherrygrove City, Route 1, Route 2 (C) Nintendo, Gamefreak, whatever...
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Told in Josh's POV:

“Lucario, give up.” I blinked as the Lucario didn't defend itself, not even when it got hit by the Psychic attack. “Gallade, use Teleport, then attack with another Psycho Cut!” Alicia commanded. First teleporting himself behind the Lucario, it launched more blue rings to the Pokemon. It didn't attempt to fight back, but let itself faint. “Return.” The boy calmly returned his Pokemon to it's Poké Ball. “Why...Why did you let him faint?!” I yelled to him. It may have been his own Pokemon, and we now...won...the battle... But who lets his Pokemon battle and lets him survive on it's own? “Because I can. It's my Pokemon.” I gritted my teeth. “What's your name?” Alicia asked. “You won the battle, you now can know my name.” The boy said it as if we were 5 year olds who didn't understand what was going on. “I'm known as Blaine.” He said mysteriously. “And I'd like Solé back now, since she's my Pokemon anyway.” Solé stepped back. “I don't...” She whispered. “No, you won't get her!!” I yelled in anger. Who knew what the heck he would do to her if I had given her to Blaine? “She's mine. I'm asking you to calmly return her to her owner.” “You abused her! You're not getting her back!” Alicia said. “Josh is her Trainer now!” Blair got a little angry now, I guess. He sent his Pidgeot down and got off it. “You'd better hand over Solé now if you don't want any trouble, kid...” He said with a calm, yet creepy tone in his voice. “No.” I said. “No, you aren't getting Solé back.”
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