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Shading and hopefully finishing a pic
Tagged by LadyCharizard. :P Haven't done any of these in aaaaaaages.

♛ You must post these rules.
♛ Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
♛ Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
♛ Inform them that they have been tagged by you. 
♛ Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
♛ You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
♛ No tag-backs.
♛ You can't say that you don't do tags.
♛ You MUST make a journal entry! No comments~!

Fact #1:
I have this adoration for grammar, spelling, and punctuation like you've got no idea it's terrible really and half the time I don't really show it because I like to type the way I speak in real life and IRL I just kind of ramble so half the time people don't even really know that I love grammar so much and blargh. 

;u; <3

Fact #2:
My favourite subjects in school are English, Latin, Ancient Greek, and French. I have a small adoration for languages as well.

Fact #3:
I find it superduperbooperattractive to see someone use proper grammar. Like. Blargh. <3

Fact #4:
I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear! 

Fact #5:
I nose-boop people in real life. 

Fact #6:
Some days I'm super emotional and others I'm just grouchy as hell I just don't really understand myself at times. Maybe it's dem hormones. 

Fact #7:
I love unbaked/uncooked chocolate cookies. Passionately.

Fact #8:
I can't ever complete memes like this in one go. I always end up spending more than five minutes on them, fiddlin' 'round with things, tryin' to come up with new items for lists like these.

Fact #9:
I talk to myself. Quite a lot.

Fact #10:
This is the last fact I'll be writing on this list. 


...Eeeeeh. Entirely your call. ;w; xD

- Alex
I can't believe I forgot to mention but I kind of bought a GBA SP on King's Day for like, five bucks, and I got two games with it (Tony Hawk sth and FIFA) and then I bought Sapphire and I just managed to convince Mom to get me Metroid Fusion for a very cheap €7,50 online and I was kind of wondering if there are any other games I should definitely try out other than Golden Sun, Final Fantasy and, well, Pokémon.

... :'D
I'm still aliiiiiive. Just haven't been online here on dA a whole lot. I've been fiiiine, just busy with school and writing of my own instead of updating AAO or something. And drawing. Haven't done that in ages, either, other than small character sketches.

Anywho, been keeping myself busy with school. I've got about another month to go before I'm actually done with school and stuff, which'll mainly be tests and other lessons and blargh and I just can't wait for warmer weather and summer. :c

And I've been keeping myself busy with this huge new writing project of mine, a first serious attempt at original fiction and everything and I kinda like where it's going so far. c:

And that's it. I'm so bad at updating aha. ;;;;

Just ask me somethin' and I'll reply before you know it. Probably. Maybe. If not, you can find me on Skype. c:

~ Alex

My last journal was a little over six months ago just...what... ;;;;;;
Merry Christmas! Hope y'all are well! <3

~ Alex
I just found another Shiny Pokémon on the file I plan to use to build Alex's team in. First one was a Shiny Bellsprout I named April, the second is a shiny Drowzee I've named Olivia.  Naive nature, Likes to thrash about.

What do I DO with these shinies?! XD I already planned on letting Alex have the Red Gyarados of the Lake of Rage, and I'd only capture the Pokémon she'd actually have and stuff, but I just keep finding shinies in this file and argh. x'D

What do I dooooo?! ;u;

~ Xela
So I freaking make a new SoulSilver file for Alex's in-game Pokémon and stuff and I encounter a freaking Shiny Bellsprout while over-training my Pokémon for Falkner because that's what Alex does orz

What do I do with her? XD

I named her April, btw. ;o Rash nature, Strong Willed, and her ability is Chlorophyll.

Also I found a shiny Zigzagoon named Frankie in my X game and chained a Skiddo whom I named Emily. I have like, seven shinies in total now, including your average Shiny Gyarados :'D

~ Xela
I know, either gonna get a lot of sad comments or none at all because of me being so incredibly inactive, but yeah, I'm cancelling WSMM.

Reasons are basically me not being interested in the story itself anymore, neither am I very much into the characters and their personalities and whatever. I may redesign them one day and give them a full make-over. Just...not now.

Another reason would be me feeling...almost obliged to continue because I've had a couple of notes from some 'fans' asking for more chapters and a continuation and whatever. 'Fans' between quotation marks because I personally don't get why the story got so much love in the first place; compared to other fan fictions, WSMM is just...rubbish. Plot AND characters.

I also feel like I should be posting what I want in my gallery, and I really appreciate all the love for it and whatever. It's just that I don't feel that interested in it anymore, which would be why I'm backing out as well again

I'm sorry :c

Instead, I still plan to continue that one small Pokémon Ranger fan fic I'd planned because I'm more interested in doing that at the moment, even though half the plot is just...spineless, and I'll need to do some serious thinking about some huge events that are supposed to happen in that story.

So yeah, WSMM cancelled. Basic point of this journal.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Y'can also ask questions about whatever little bit of a plot I had in mind for WSMM, but I'd rather you send a note then to avoid people who don't want to know.

As for other updates, there...aren't that many. Unannounced inactiveness was caused by Pokémon X and Y coming out, not to mention the fact that I broke up with my boyfriend (because...well, let's say our fabulousness levels are about as high as Taylor Oakley's (a YouTuber, for those who don't know) x3 Y'may wanna find him if you wanna know what I'm talking about, lolololol)--and I'd like to add that I don't mind that at all and we're like the bestest friends you could imagine even though that's probably strange--and because of school, mainly. Been held back a grade and it's been going a lot better with...well, everything. Grades are up, been getting some friends and whatever, and it wasn't much of a big deal as I thought it'd be. Also have a lot of teachers I've never had and I like 'em all (lucky me) and I guess everything's just okay. (:

Drawing's been...dead. Like, really dead. I've been focused a lot more on some personal stuff, not only on the Internet, but also in real life, and that's been going great so far as well. I've drawn like, a little bit, but that's really it. I'm surprised I still have watchers, lol. My writing hasn't been much better, though I've finished the first chapter/prologue of that Ranger story quite awhile ago. I'm gonna check it myself, give it to a friend and see if they like it, and then I'll upload it, I guess.

Soooo yeah. See ya 'round.

~ Alex

Except for Pikachu's cry. I personally dislike how it literally says 'Pika pika' every time you encounter one.

And when you send out yours.

Other than that, this already is one of the best games evah. :D
Just a short journal of me wanting to thank you guys for helping me out in my last journal. I'm just such an awkward duck and didn't know how to reply. Sorry for that. ;u;

I've been okay, really. Just started up a new Pokémon SoulSilver file, which will be Alex's in-game Pokémon team and whatever. It took me AGES to get the desired natures and characteristics, but I finally managed to receive a Chikorita and a Pidgey, so yeah. xD

...M'kay, I need something to fill this in with, so I'll just fill in the stats and whatever anyways. :'D

Nickname: Spirit
Species: Chikorita
Type: Grass
OT: Alex
ID No.: 17024 (and thus Alex's actual Trainer ID. Just so ya know~)
[insert Exp. Points and To Next Level shizz here]
Gentle nature. (+ Sp Df.; - Def.)
Mar. 15, 20XX
New Bark Town, Johto
[Met at Lv. X crap] (My personal headcanon doesn't involve levels. ;u; )
Capable of taking hits.
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf.

Nickname: Sky
Species: Pidgey
Type: Normal/Flying
OT: Alex
ID. No.: 17024
[inser Exp. Points and To Next Level shizz here]
Bashful nature. (Neutral)
Mar. 15 20XX
Route 29, Johto
[Met at Lv. X crap]
Likes to relax.
Ability: Keen Eye.
Moves: Tackle.

^ Also their final natures and whatever. xD


Have a nice day :D

~ Xela
Imagine you've got a friend. And you tell them something that to you is really important important, hoping you'll get a positive reaction, but it's exactly the opposite. And you try explaining that important thing and try to rationalize it and give reasons for it, try to tell them you're telling them because you trust them, and finally they just tell you they don't want to talk to you about it anymore. And you notice they've almost isolated themselves from you and mainly try to avoid talking to you.

What do you do then?
Livestreaming again, continuing Chris Reed~!

~ Xela
Livestreaming once again, this time at least sketching Alex's parents and possibly another member of the family... ;o Mic may be turned on as soon as I feel like it, lol.

~ Xela
Talking in this Livestream. Not sure how much, but I will be talking~ xD Going to continue a drawing once again.…

Thanks to everyone who came to watch! :D

Largest part of the recording:…

~ Xela
Livestreaming once again~ Picture this time inspired by LadyCharizard's… ~

Thanks to everyone who came! I finished quite a bit on that new drawing. :3

Salvaged link from whatever is the biggest part of the LS:… (First part, also the largest part. Anything that belongs to the date 8-9-2013 is part of this Livestream, in case you'd want to watch!)

~ Xela
I blame the deviantART titles for not letting me spell the word 'Pokémon' correctly.

Anyway, the meme was stolen from :devLadyCharizard, who stole it from...someone. I've seen many people do it, anyway. xD

Also, I've changed all the 'OC' parts to 'FC', as I make a big deal outta that.

They're fan characters, people, not original characters. And yes, there is a difference!

1: Pick any of your OCs. (They must be Pokémon Trainers)
2. Answer these questions as though you're the OC.
3. Tag anyone if you want to.
4. Link xela1234 to your answers.

I'll face it; I severely edited this meme to get into a bit of a writing mood; I haven't written anything since I announced the return of WSMM and I haven't even uploaded either chapters (the two fan fictions being Against All Odds and that WSMM rewrite, which actually has gotten a different title by now). If you want the original version with just the questions, go back to LC's journal and get it there. x'D

Link to the original:…

Now, on to the meme. xD


Chosen FC: Alex Reed.

    "Hello there, aspiring Pokémon Trainer!" The Announcer cheerfully shouted through the room, despite only three people being present in it. Cameras covered part of the wall behind him. The Announcer was a fairly mysterious man; he randomly showed up and acted as if he were in a talk show, regardless of how many people were present in the room he was in. His hair was dyed azure, as well as his eyelids and lips. It changed colour every show he was in. "What's your name, darling? Do you know why you were named that?"
            "Ah, not aspiring anymore; been a Trainer for quite a while now, really," the girl responded, giving the man in front of her a small smile. She was seated to my right as we both were facing the Announcer. "I'm Alex, and...well, I don't know why I was named that, actually. I do know that it means 'saviour of mankind' or something like that."
            "Alrighty right then, what's your gender?"
            "I'm female, thanks. I thought it was fairly obvious."
            "I was just checking~ What's your favourite colour? Blue, purple?"
            "Spring green, actually. I absolutely adore that colour," Alex replied. She'd crossed her legs before resting her arms on them. 
            "I see. Do you consider yourself good or evil?" 
            "Eh, just maybe good or something. Being a Ranger and all as well and stuff," she replied, semi-nonchalantly, shrugging. The Announcer smirked. 
            "Question number five! I'm gonna move on to some Pokémon related questions. What's your main Pokémon?" 
            "I don't have a 'main Pokémon', really." Alex rubbed the back of her head, a sheepish smile stuck on her face. "I pretty much use all my Pokémon equally. My first one was Spirit the Chikorita, though, now a gentle Meganium. And, despite being one of the youngest, I've come to trust Holden a lot in the past few years; he knows secrets no one knows." 
            "Why exactly him?" I asked. 
            "Ah, you know." 
            "I know that I know, but the readers don't know, neither does kind Mr Announcer over here~" I sang. Alex gave me a look. "Right, spoilers," I chuckled. I leaned back into the chair and listened to the conversation – more like an interview now, anyway.
            "Sounds like Spirit's a reliable partner so far. Number six's up! What's the rest of your Pokémon team? 
            "I don't really have a general Pokémon team or anything like that, I guess, but I usually have Sky or Lana, Angel or Storm and Spirit in it."
             "And they are..?" 
             "Sky the Pidgeot, Lana the Staraptor, Angel the Ampharos and Storm the Luxray," she replied. 
            "What about the region you were born in?" 
            "Probably Johto; we're not really sure, actually, right?" Alex added, glancing over to me. 
             "Actually, I know, but I won't even tell you yet, ahahahahaaa!" 
            "Interesting. I take it you don't know the town or city either, then?" 
            "...It's kind of a complicated story, heh." Once again, the sheepish rub on the back of her head appeared. "I was literally found on the steps of the Goldenrod Orphanage, a note attached with my name being Alex. I was like, five months old back then. Soon was adopted by Maria and Chris Reed, my parents...well, the ones I actually consider my parents. We live just outside of Ecruteak City now."
            "How's Christopher doing, anyway?" I asked, turning in my chair to face Alex. 
            "Fine, last time I've heard, which was very recently, for your information." 
            Yesterday, I thought to myself. 
             "The DayCare's been busier than ever this spring," she replied, a happy smile on her face. "Lots of new baby Pokémon born there. They're adorable!" 
            "How cute, baby Pokémon. Do you reside somewhere different from where you were born?" The Announcer asked. 
            "I usually stick close to the Almia region in case I get called for a Mission, but I'm either at home in Ecruteak or in and around the Ranger Bases in Almia." 
            "Not to mention you like sticking around the Pokémon Ranger Union, hm~?" 
            "Hush, you know that's a nice spot to look out on." I laughed. 
            "Numberrrr ten! What's your favourite Pokémon?" 
            "Don't have one, sorry. I couldn't possibly choose!" She laughed. 
            "Mine's probably Ninetales or Vaporeon, really.  I absolutely love them," I said. 
            "How neat. Got any good friends?" 
            "Quite a fair amount." 
            "About, I don't know, more than twenty-nine or so? More than that?" I joked 
            "Fifty-six if you also count the Unown I left at the Research Centre in the Ruins of Alph." I smirked. 
            "What about enemies? You live in Johto, with that return of Team Rocket quite a while ago, you probably had something to do with it, right?" 
            "Yeeeaaah, it was more a friend of mine who was involved in the Team Rocket case six years ago. I kind of have a lot of enemies, I guess." 
            "Not that many, really. One main one at the moment." 
            I glanced over to her when I didn't hear any comments coming from her, comments I'd expected to hear. Alex's chin was lowered slightly, closer to her chest now as she sighed quietly. I started to feel guilty about even saying it. 
            "...Yeah, one main one, followed by many." She finally said. I swallowed. A painful silence crept into the room, just before The Announcer cleared his throat and continued. 
            "I see... You gotta crush? Or maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend?" 
            "I'm straight, just so you know that. And...erm, it', kind of complicated." 
            "How so?" 
            "...Let's just say that I have a crush and had a relationship, and that...we're not sure about what it exactly is between the two of us now...'kay?" 
            "Ah, alright. What trainer class are you? You know, scientist, breeder or anything. If you aren't any one specific, which are you most like?" 
            "I don't really fit into all those classes, really; I quit actual training a few years ago, but I still kept my Trainer Card and I kind of keep it up to date and all. Just in case," she added. "But if I'd have to choose, I'd probably be a guitarist and sort of an Ace Trainer mix, heh." 
            "Not a whole lot of people quit being a Trainer," The Announcer remarked. "What was your reason? Did you...perhaps lose someone on the way to becoming stronger?" 
            Another painful silence fell into the room. The Announcer turned his head ever so slightly, awaiting an answer. Alex's mouth opened as to say something before she closed it again and sighed. 
            "...Could we just...skip this question?" 
            "Of course," The Announcer said, sympathy gleaming in his eyes. "Do you like to battle Pokémon?" 
            "I don't really have an opinion, to be honest. Not anymore. I used to like a good challenge. I know that my Pokémon love to battle, if that helps a little." 
            "It does, a little. What's your favourite food, then?" 
            "Oh boy, probably simple berries, really. I eat just about anything happily." 
            "Casteliacones are some of your favourites as well, right?" I asked. 
            "Yeeaaah, but they're really expensive to import to Johto and stuff, so I don't really get 'em a whole lot or anything. They're really good, though." 
            "Question number seventeen's up~ Your favourite drink?" 
            "Liechi Berry juice all the way!" Alex smiled. I laughed. 
            "I don't know. Fanta for me," I said. 
            "Where's your favourite place to be at?" The Announcer asked. 
            "Aaaugh don't ask me that I have all kinds of favourite places I looove..." Alex rambled in one breath. "I especially love Breeze Hill and - despite only having visited it once or twice - Sekra Range in the Fiore Region." 
            "When did you visit the Sekra Range then?" I asked. 
            "Field trips to Fiore. Great place, from what I've seen." 
            "What about your least favourite place to be?" The Announcer continued. 
            "Hm... I'd say Sunyshore," she replied. 
            "Any specific reason? Hate the water around it?" Alex held her breath for just a moment before replying, "Not a whole lot of...positive stuff happened around there. Let's just put it that way. And I also don't really like water, no." 
            The Announcer lifted his head to a nod, his mouth slightly open in an understanding fashion. "What would be your theme song?" 
            "I really don't think I'd have one, neither would I need one." 
            "If you would have one, it'd be something instrumental," I said, shoving my glasses back up my nose again; they tend to slide down my nose. 
            "Why's that?" 
            "'Cause I control youuuuu >D" 
            "Oh, no particular reason..." I replied. 
            "Aaaand twenty-one already! Are there any other Pokémon you like besides the ones already on your team?" 
            "Aron. Oh my gosh it's adorable," Alex quickly said. I laughed. 
            "What's your favourite type of Pokémon?" 
            "Favourite type to battle with? I like Fire Types a lot, really, but...I don't think I could really choose." 
            "Alrighty right, then," The Announcer said, flipping through his pages with questions. "I've been talking a lot about Pokémon. But seriously, what are Pokémon to you anyways?" 
            "Friends, teachers, mentors..." 
            "Many different kinds of idols, or so it seems. Why's that?" 
            "...They're not just there to do the work we don't want to do, like, helping with construction and such," she said. "Pokémon are far more powerful than we are, and yet, many of them choose to join us on adventures, help us out when we need their help, or even stay with us humans for the rest of their and our lives. They teach us ways to survive, simplify our lives, make things easier for us to do. Teach us methods that were unknown before. We seek their guidance at times – I mean, look at how many people pray to Arceus daily – and ask for its advice and help. They're not tools, as some people – even some Trainers – think. They're here to help us out, and at the same time, we're here to help them out as well. I firmly believe we're there to balance out the Earth together." 
            Silence once again crept into the room. 
            "Well," The Announcer cleared his throat. "That was, er, quite the inspirational speech. I forgot to ask; how old are you exactly?" 
            "Seventeen and counting," she replied, a sheepish smile once again suck on her face. 
            "This isn't really a question, but tell me a little about yourself. I know basic info, but I want more!" 
            "Well...where should I start?" Alex glanced over to me. "I mean, I was born and raised in Ecruteak, left home to become a Trainer when I was ten and...well, I kind of just went out from there on. Roamed through Johto, beat the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and Lance, helped out here and there…" 
             "You make it sound so simple," The Announcer remarked. 
             "I figured people have been reading for a while; I don't really want to hold them up, I guess," she replied. 
             "Anywho, after I beat the  Elite Four and Lance, I didn't want to really receive the official Champion Title; I mainly challenged the Elite Four because my Pokémon wanted the challenge. Lance was fine with it, I ventured on to Kanto and basically beat the Gyms there as well, striving for more knowledge and Pokémon to see.
"Later, I heard of a powerful Trainer named Red, supposedly being atop Mount Silver. Long story short, my Pokémon and I challenged him and lost. Big time. He helped me out a little and pointed out over the mountain, headed toward the Sinnoh region." 
             "Which meant?" The Announcer asked. 
             "I'm not sure – from what I know, Red isn't much of a talker, but I believe he meant I should've head out to Sinnoh to become more powerful before challenging him once again." 
             "And that's exactly what you did," I said. Alex nodded. 
             "I headed out to Sinnoh to, indeed, gain more power. I planned on challenging Red later on, not just for my Pokémon, as they wanted it, but also because I'd started to strive to beat him. He's an incredible Trainer. So, I kind of roamed Sinnoh as well, developed an interest in Sinnoh's mythology together with Helios and...well, I stayed there for quite a while, both studying and gaining strength." 
            I glanced over to her when she didn't continue. Darkness clouded her eyes slightly as she swallowed. The Announcer once again turned his head, anticipating a continuation. 
             "I got seven out of eight Gym Badges in the Sinnoh Region," Alex finally said. "I never…I never got the final one because of…an incident I'd rather not talk about." 
             "Could you please—" 
             "Spoilers, Mr Announcer," I said. He gave me a simple nod. 
             "Well then, I wanna do some roleplay situations. A member of your local villainous team approaches you and offers you a position in their team. What's your response? And if you're already part of the team—" 
             "I'm not, as I'm well, er, 'good' as you put it earlier," Alex said. "Team Rocket isn't originally from Johto, so…I guess we don't really have a 'local villainous team' or anything, though I have fought some grunts a few times. Even if we had a real villainous team, I wouldn't even consider joining them." 
             "I'd rather not, either," The Announcer said. "Picture this: a Legendary Pokémon has just been awakened for whatever reason. It's approaching you quickly. What will you do with it? Battle it, capture it, catch it, anything else?" 
             "I'd try and calm it down. I don't believe there's any good in catching Legendary Pokémon for whatever reason, neither do I like to battle them or anything." 
             "I see. Now picture this: you're out for a walk when you see a cute baby Pokémon. It appears to be injured and separated from its mother. It looks to you for assistance. What will you do?" 
             "Definitely search for its mother after healing its injuries as good as I can – I'm no doctor or anything, but I can do quite a few things with a bit of Pokémon medicine." 
             "Your dad taught you quite a lot, though," I said. "Have you forgotten it already?" 
             "No, she was being modest, I believe," The Announcer winked toward Alex. She simply pursed her lips slightly. 
             "Almost there, miss Reed. What do you think of the other trainers in this tag? If you don't know them or you're the only one doing this, feel free to scream a random word and skip this question entirely." 
             "I…guess I'm going to skip this question then; there are no other Trainers in this tag, not to mention that Xela forced me to–" 
             "Next questioooon~!" 
             "Thirty! Is there anything you're really good at?" 
             "Um…not really, I think–" 
             "Again that modesty. You're a great guitarist," I mentioned. 
             "It's just a hobby, really," she quickly said. I smirked. 
             "How long have you played the guitar? Had any lessons?" The Announcer asked. 
             "A few lessons, though I mainly taught myself, I guess," she replied. 
             "Alright then. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?" 
             "Oh boy, I think I'd like to be less sarcastic at times, haha. Not to mention some of my fears I'd like to overcome." 
             "Could I possibly see a photograph of you, or a drawing? If not, could you describe yourself to the readers?" 
            I dug in my pocket, trying to find one of my latest drawings of Alex, and eventually found one that I'd finished four days ago. "This one!…;." 
             "Aha, I, er, see…" 
             "Xela I swear after this I'm going to kill you and –" 
             "The final question, ladies," The Announcer announced after clearing his throat. "What did you think of answering these questions? Would you like to do another one sometime later?" 
             "Probably, yeah," Alex replied. "As long as they aren't too invasive and I'm not forced to answer questions I don't want to answer, I'm fine." 
             "I see," The Announcer said, crossing his legs. "Well, with that, I'd like to close this show for tonight! Thank you kindly, Alex and Xela, for coming here and answering these questions! Until next time, folks!"


That was it for this journal, really. Kinda like how the meme turned out at certain points, dislike it at others. Oh well. 

Anyway, that's just about it. I've been busy with school and keeping everything up and stuff, so please don't kill me for being inactive and stuff. ;;; 

Also, my guitar playing's been great so far! My hands don't hurt anymore when playing, which is a good thing, I think, and tomorrow I'm going to audition for the school's band. :'D

Piano playing, by the way. xD

...That's just about it. Really. My life's boring. XD

~ Xela

PS: Mood's not really related to anything happening atm. I guess it's because Aunt Ruby just came again this month.

...If you know what I mean. /shottttt

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^ New Livestream announcement title. xD… Livestreaming~ Practising female anatomy this time~

Livestream completed! Thanks to everyone who came to watch~ 

Link to watch it is here:…

^ That's part of it. It kinda got scattered all over the place. *facepalm*

~ Xela
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A small notice...

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 19, 2013, 1:53 PM

The main reason I made this journal is because I have something to tell you all. I've kept this to myself for a long time and I just told my parents about this, inspired by another fellow deviant and having the urge to tell my parents about something that's been bothering me for a while.

I'm bisexual.

I discovered this a while ago, six months or so, and I don't think I really accepted it 'till around May-June-ish. My parents were totally cool with it, which sort of is what I expected, actually, and I'm simply so relieved they're okay with it. A friend of mine was the first to hear this, and I can't thank him enough for being so accepting and supportive and stuff <3

If you have any problems with it, I'd just like to say that I'm still the same Alex/Xela you know. It's not like after discovering this my entire personality changed or something. I just feel that I'm attracted to girls as well as guys. That's all.

On to another thing.

I bought a guitar three days ago for 22 euros instead of your average 100 on a small, local market in just about great condition. Used, but great.

And I absolutely love it! :'D I've started playing chords and all and I sorta know where the notes are and I'm just totally self teaching myself because I have piano lessons and I don't wanna give those up yet because I also love piano but guitar is so awesome as well so far despite my aching fingers and stuff 'cause I have to develop callus to actually play it without having so much pain but augh I love it and look I'm working on a song on guitar and it's this one… and it's absolutely fabulous and gorgeous and all the Dutchies here will be able to read the text and stuff and understand it and it's gorgeous and beautiful and I'm just happily picking away and singing along quietly because the song is that beautiful <3

Also, if anyone would like tabs, I've got 'em here for you…

't Is all for now. Again. 

~ Xela :heart:

I just realized that the guitar blabbering is longer than my coming outta the closet. Is that bad..? xD /shot

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Just wanted to announce I safely arrived back home. Slightly jet-lagged, slept for about three hours and I'm good as awake now. xD

... 't Is all. xD

~ Xela
Working on a picture I started today~